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Invisalign FAQ

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These clear braces differ from standard braces primarily through the fact that they are practically invisible and can be removed whenever you need to take them out. The aligners are specifically designed to fit your teeth, which ensures that your teeth are straightened to the exact measurements that you want. As long as you’re able to wear standard braces, this option is definitely open to you. It’s possible to purchase Invisalign for adults and teens, as there’s no age limit for these braces.

Your aligners are custom made for your teeth, and are crafted from a durable thermoplastic material that creates the clear effect when worn. This material has been designed solely to be used with these braces, which is why you should be confident in their quality.

Some of our patients in the past have gone through a small amount of discomfort at the very onset of each phase of treatment, but this is normal and usually dissipates after a couple of days. This mild discomfort is actually a good thing, as it shows that the aligners are working as intended by applying the right amount of pressure to your teeth. Aligners are switched out every two weeks for new ones, which is when you should expect to go through the initial discomfort.

The length that treatments lasts all depends on your specific treatment plan. However, they are usually worn for anywhere from nine months to two years, depending on how much your teeth need to move.

If you’re wondering “Does Invisalign work?”, the answer is a resounding yes. In very few instances, the Invisalign results might not be as good as you had expected. If this is ever the case, an extra set or two of aligners might assist in achieving the Invisalign results you’re looking for. In most cases, these braces work exactly as intended. With the added benefit of being practically invisible and easily removable, there’s hardly any reason not to select these braces.

In general, there are no food restrictions during the period of time that you’re wearing the aligners. While metal braces can be damaged from sticky and chewy foods, these plastic aligners can simply be removed when eating. However, it’s recommended that you maintain good oral health during treatment, as tooth issues during the treatment process can be frustrating to deal with.

Since these aligners can be removed, unlike braces, they are relatively easy to clean, but should still be handled with care. Using a product called Retainer Brite twice per week will assist in cleaning the aligners, brightening them and killing any germs and bacteria that resides within. While this should be enough to clean the aligners, you should also brush them on a consistent basis with tap water.

There are two types of these aligners available for patients to choose from, one specifically designed for adults and another designed for teenagers. Both adults and teens can derive a lot of benefits from wearing these clear braces. For adults that have yet to have their teeth straightened, these braces provide a convenient option that allows them to continue living their life without the problems that can be brought on by wearing metal braces.

Brushing and flossing is made easy, as is eating, so there’s no need for an adult to change their schedule or the way they live their lives due to wearing braces. For teenagers, everything from spending time with friends to going to school is made all the better when your smile isn’t affected by wearing metal wires and brackets on your teeth. You also won’t have to cut down on popcorn, pizza crust and a slew of other foods that you would have to eliminate from your diet if you wore metal braces.

Properly aligned teeth aren’t just beneficial for aesthetic purposes. Straightened teeth also provide a myriad of health benefits. For one, both your teeth and gums are healthier. Crowded teeth can cause gums to swell, which can eventually lead to periodontal disease. Gums fit better around teeth that have been straightened. Keeping your teeth clean and flossing properly is also easier when your teeth are in their proper position. These benefits, along with the benefits derived from wearing clear braces instead of metal ones, show why this treatment can be a life-changing one.