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Imagine wearing braces for a fraction of the time, with greater precision, less office visits and shorter office waiting times. This is what OrthoCAD offers you.

OrthoCAD is an innovative resource in the field of orthodontics designed to provide you with a customized smile in an amazing amount of time. With OrthoCAD’s advanced computer guidance technology, Dr. Navarro will create your ideal smile. A 3D model is made of your mouth using OrthoCAD’s software. Brackets are created according to your individualized orthodontics treatment plan using this technology. OrthoCAD’s technology helps to improve your smile in a fraction of the time and with less discomfort because of greater precision.

Braces, obviously, beautify your teeth, but their benefits don’t stop there. When teeth are out of alignment, the mouth’s bite may be incorrect. This affects how you chew your food. This can create headaches and tooth pain. Crooked teeth can also affect facial symmetry. Wearing braces helps to correct this symmetry, and it improves dental hygiene. Crooked or overlapping teeth are notoriously difficult to clean. This issue can lead to increased risk of gingivitis and require dental treatment. Gaps in teeth frequently get food trapped in between them, which requires multiple cleanings. Braces create brighter smiles that aesthetically improves the entire face and can help to decrease dental treatment.

Dr. Navarro will, first, take an impression of your teeth. An iOC digital impression will be made of your mouth. This means that you won’t need to do a traditional dental impression because it’s all stored digitally.

Pre-set brackets will be designed and delivered directly to Dr. Navarro to bond to your teeth. The OrthoCAD’s revolutionary computer software creates a virtual 3D model of your mouth. This detailed model of your mouth can be manipulated in several positions to ensure proper teeth alignment.

Your individual 3D model also enables Dr. Navarro to assess the treatment options that are best for your perfect smile. At this time, we will provide you with a detailed orthodontics treatment plan. Considering different treatment options and your individualized desired results creates a phenomenally efficient way to straighten your teeth.

You will be able to view post-treatment results on the computer screen prior to treatment so you know what to expect. Also, you will have a clear picture of what your straightened teeth will look like without braces.

With the use of OrthoCAD, you can expect a shortened time in wearing braces because of the precise placement of brackets. OrthoCAD’s efficient and accurate software utilizes the straight wire technique for best bracket positioning. This allows for quick progression through your treatment, which translates to less time wearing braces, less time for office visits and less discomfort.

With previous methods for bracket placement, additional time was needed in bonding to ensure that brackets were put in their proper place. With the use of OrthoCAD’s computerized guidance, we are able to place your brackets on your teeth expediently and precisely.

In the old days, it was necessary to schedule multiple office visits to allow for adjustments. OrthoCAD’s technology reduces the need for several office visits because fewer adjustments will be needed in creating your perfect smile.

If you need braces, but you don’t like the idea of discomfort, wearing braces for an extended amount of time, multiple office visits and time spent away from work, school or home, OrthoCAD is the perfect solution for you. Dr. Navarro provides the leading techniques in orthodontics. Give us a call today, and discover your perfect smile.